Stonekettle Station: Unpresidented


There was electronic surveillance of Trump and the people close to Trump.

Yes, the odds are pretty high that there was electronic surveillance of Donald Trump and the people close to him.

This is unprecedented.

Yes and no.

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20 #DeafProblems | I Sign. I Wander.

There are problems specific to Deaf people, but what are they?  Running out of toilet paper in a deaf house. 2. When you’re expecting a parcel delivery, you cancel your errands and appointmen…

Source: 20 #DeafProblems | I Sign. I Wander.

16 & 19.
And I’d like to add, fuck you, YouTube, for thinking autocaptions are even close. It’s infuriating. I’d really love to learn that thing I just looked up; you’re teaching away, I’m headdesking.
Not listed: Webinars or online courses that aren’t captioned. Asking the instructor before you buy it, and they’re all, no, but I have PowerPoint slides so you can follow along fine. Yes, so many nuances are imparted through bullet points. Thanks for nothing, buddy.