20 #DeafProblems | I Sign. I Wander.

There are problems specific to Deaf people, but what are they?  Running out of toilet paper in a deaf house. 2. When you’re expecting a parcel delivery, you cancel your errands and appointmen…

Source: 20 #DeafProblems | I Sign. I Wander.

16 & 19.
And I’d like to add, fuck you, YouTube, for thinking autocaptions are even close. It’s infuriating. I’d really love to learn that thing I just looked up; you’re teaching away, I’m headdesking.
Not listed: Webinars or online courses that aren’t captioned. Asking the instructor before you buy it, and they’re all, no, but I have PowerPoint slides so you can follow along fine. Yes, so many nuances are imparted through bullet points. Thanks for nothing, buddy.