You. Are. Welcome.

So to some of us it seems our republic is imploding and we might do with a distraction from the (now crippled) news. #whatfirstamendmentA candle warmer will keep your tea or coffee at the perfect temperature indefinitely. Perfect for those who have a tendency to get distracted and wander off and go, “Oh, oh, oh, wait; I was doing that -other- thing” and then come back to (surprise!) hot tea or coffee.

P.S. Not that I would know anything about that getting distracted nonsense. 

P.P.S. When I do, I really -do- say, “oh, oh, oh,” just ask Tom.

Turns out 5mg Lorazepam isn’t enough to euthanize a chicken. It just makes them high AF.

Thursday after I gave her the meds, I stayed up with her until 3:30am and she was still alive. I put her in a kennel and went to bed. She rallied and spent a warm weekend out in the yard with the other girls. Even laid on the deck in the sun.

Today I went out to check on her and she didn’t leave the coop this morning. She was laying on the floor.  I brought her in and gave her a warm bath and a blow dry. She ate a few kernels of corn but won’t drink. 

She’s laying in my lap and won’t open her eyes. 


Poor woman’s standing desk

messy desk with a cute JRT under it
Elli is a big help. (Please excuse the mess. Cluttered desk, brilliant mind, yadda.)

I’ve been having a lot of sciatica pain and finding it hard to work more than an hour at a time. I started looking at “standing desks.” $500-$1000+?! Um, no.
Four 12″ high concrete blocks from Menards for $7.58. BOOM. DONE.
P.S. My desk is a 3’x8′ table that a church was gonna throw away. Works just fine. Bonus: loyal dog that sticks to me like stink on shit. Comes with $2 rug from The ReStore.
I know, sitting on two 12 packs of soda stacked on a bar chair doesn’t do my back any favors; so I did invest $74 in a good ergonomic drafting chair from Amazon that’ll arrive tomorrow.
But $7.68. I’m pretty damn proud of myself.