Poor woman’s standing desk

messy desk with a cute JRT under it
Elli is a big help. (Please excuse the mess. Cluttered desk, brilliant mind, yadda.)

I’ve been having a lot of sciatica pain and finding it hard to work more than an hour at a time. I started looking at “standing desks.” $500-$1000+?! Um, no.
Four 12″ high concrete blocks from Menards for $7.58. BOOM. DONE.
P.S. My desk is a 3’x8′ table that a church was gonna throw away. Works just fine. Bonus: loyal dog that sticks to me like stink on shit. Comes with $2 rug from The ReStore.
I know, sitting on two 12 packs of soda stacked on a bar chair doesn’t do my back any favors; so I did invest $74 in a good ergonomic drafting chair from Amazon that’ll arrive tomorrow.
But $7.68. I’m pretty damn proud of myself.

Busy day yardworking

Pretty happy with what I got done with Micah’s help today. The first pic is the undone side. The second pic is done. My hostas’ attempt at world domination is in the process of being thwarted.
I’m tired, dirty, achey, and I want a beer. Feeling pretty accomplished. I really want my yard to get purty.




The girls are such a big help.


I’m digging away the top one inch of my lawn, putting down lawn fabric, and covering it with new stone. Every bucket of dirt I bring back must be meticulously gone through for worms and other likewise tasty morsels.
**scratch scratch, back up, look, peck peck peck, repeat**

Progress on the hand sewn quilt

All the pieces are cut for the borders and connecting squares. I decided to use the fabric from the middle block also for the squares. It is so cool to watch this slowly but surely come together. It’s so cute how my guys at the shelter check on the progress every morning when they get up!

I’m Dory; I get to do that.

I just remembered that I forgot a couple days ago I promised to show you the last block.

This was my favorite block and it was the trickiest, too. Then after I got it done, I discovered it was about an inch smaller all around than all the other blocks. Apparently, when they put the pattern in the book, they put it at a smaller scale than all the other pieces. So I had to cut strips to make it the same size as all the others.

Thank God I saved this one for last because I probably would’ve given up if it wasn’t!

Here’s six more blocks.


Top left: Dutchman’s Puzzle. Top right: Rolling Star. Bottom row: Tom’s Pinwheel (I still have to put the basting thread through all the seams) and my Pinwheel.

Tomorrow I’ll show you the last, hardest block; The Waterwheel.

Try to keep your excitement under control. You’re embarrassing me with your elaborate display of emotion.