Living in the Right Now

We got these as a wedding gift almost 22 years ago. I was waiting to open them until we had a newer nicer house. I decided I’m not waiting to open them anymore. 

I’m using them now, right where we’re at.

Maybe next I’ll get out our china set GG painted for us for my bridal shower gift.

Nah, not while the boys are living with us and doing dishes. Let’s not get crazy. I mean, c’mon, that’s just asking for shards of china and tears and apologies.

Stonekettle Station: Unpresidented


There was electronic surveillance of Trump and the people close to Trump.

Yes, the odds are pretty high that there was electronic surveillance of Donald Trump and the people close to him.

This is unprecedented.

Yes and no.

click through… Source: Stonekettle Station: Unpresidented

Turns out 5mg Lorazepam isn’t enough to euthanize a chicken. It just makes them high AF.

Thursday after I gave her the meds, I stayed up with her until 3:30am and she was still alive. I put her in a kennel and went to bed. She rallied and spent a warm weekend out in the yard with the other girls. Even laid on the deck in the sun.

Today I went out to check on her and she didn’t leave the coop this morning. She was laying on the floor.  I brought her in and gave her a warm bath and a blow dry. She ate a few kernels of corn but won’t drink. 

She’s laying in my lap and won’t open her eyes.