Mama’s got some new babies

I went to KS over the weekend to do a photo shoot and somehow ended up coming home with two new babies!

Two baby chickens on a white stool
The one on your left is a red sex link and the one on the right is a black laced wyandotte. (click to embiggen)
Sooooo, they haven’t named themselves yet, but we have a theme of naming them after favorite TV show characters.

black laced wyandotte chick
This baby girl is fancier and a little more skittish than her sister. (click to embiggen)
red sex link pullet
This baby girl’s breed is a little more common, and she’s braver than her sister. (click to embiggen)
red sex link pullet standing on a tonka dump truck
She seems to think she’s Italics. (click to embiggen)
On the way home, Jess and I were being shitheads and trolling Tom.

I’m such a turd.

I let it go on a couple hours.

Did I mention he teases me and picks on me A LOT? For nigh unto 22 YEARS?!

What’s good for the rooster…

I mean, goose. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

When you have an anxiety disorder and you’re at a big dinner at a restaurant with a lot of people you don’t know AND you’re trusted with taking the pics of the one year old birthday boy AND you’re pretty sure you forgot how to people. #fidgetcube #gogogadgetfidgetcube #internallyscreaming #thestruggleisreal

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Living in the Right Now

We got these as a wedding gift almost 22 years ago. I was waiting to open them until we had a newer nicer house. I decided I’m not waiting to open them anymore. 

I’m using them now, right where we’re at.

Maybe next I’ll get out our china set GG painted for us for my bridal shower gift.

Nah, not while the boys are living with us and doing dishes. Let’s not get crazy. I mean, c’mon, that’s just asking for shards of china and tears and apologies.