Wish in one hand and spit in the other… see which one fills first

I want to build a homeless shelter with a food pantry and a clothes closet.

I want to build a barn with a couple horses in it.

I want to build a photography studio.

I want to gut my kitchen/dining room and bathroom and build brand new.

Unfortunately, all I have to build with is a tote full of Legos.

Do you see me?

Are you sure?

Because I feel much, much bigger on the inside than I look like on the outside.

Like the wardrobe on Narnia? That has a back door that opens into a whole ‘nother secret world?

Yeah, I feel like that.

I filled out a job application last week. On paper? I suck hairy sweaty ass.

It’s just a job in a kitchen, but it’s a job.

I just know there’s someone out there willing to pay me a decent wage. I just haven’t found them yet.


Author: Dory

Believer. Wife. Mom. Deaf chick. ADD-addled. Photographer. Graphic designer. Blogger. Guano whacknut. Not necessarily in that order.

1 thought on “Wish in one hand and spit in the other… see which one fills first”

  1. Ok, the thing that stands out to me in that post is that you had to complete an application on paper. Paper? Is the kitchen located in the year 2000? ;o)

    (That was meant to make you laugh. I’m hilarious and you know it, so just give in and laugh already).

    Hang in there sister. The right thing will come along. It’s like dating – the more you put yourself out there, the better your chances of meeting the right person! …. And  showing a little cleavage doesn’t hurt in either case….

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