Two stupid pieces of paper.

I was cleaning out my purse today, and I found a few receipts in the bottom. One of them was from the Friday morning that Dad died, and another was the day after. When I was at HyVee at 12:30am buying pull-ups for Dino and an orange Amp’d for me to take to work later that morning, I would’ve never thought that later that day we would be at the hospital in shock, instead of on our way to Davenport for Tom’s hooding ceremony. Then the day after, I got smokes for me and cigars for Tom and Gatorade for the boys just before we were headed to Mom’s house to circle the wagons around Mom to comfort her and each other.

There’s two pieces of paper down there in the trash that have dates on them, and somewhere in between those two dates on those pieces of paper lies a defining moment in our lives.

Before Dad Died and After Dad Died.

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