Has spring sprung? I vote YES.

I was a little worried this year when March came in like a lamb.

You know the old saying, “In like a lion, out like a lamb.” And vice versa.

I was worried that March was going to go out like a lion.

Silly Dory.

We have a high of 74 today and it’s sunny and beautiful outside!

Yesterday after I got off work, I didn’t have to put on my coat for the first time this spring! Hallelujah!

Then on the way home, I saw the first tree buds of the season. That clinched it; I had to go home, get the camera, and get back out there.


I couldn’t leave the house without Elli. She sure likes her a car ride. But she was TICKED when I pulled over, got out of the car, and LEFT HER ALONE.

As I was taking these, she was voicing her displeasure as only a tightly coiled Jack Russell Terrier can. And the barks got increasingly louder as her separation anxiety heightened.

So it went like this.



“Elli, stop!”




“Elli, SHUDDUP. I’ll be there in a minute!”


Et cetera, et cetera. Those couple shots were just the keepers from that bunch, so multiply the Click-Bark-Shuddup bit about tweventy times.

So I finally got all the shots of the buds that I wanted and we were on our way again.

The windows were down, her head and top of her body was hanging dangerously out the window, she was happily enjoying the wind in her face.

Then I passed by a house that had some new flowers right out front, and I just couldn’t resist pulling over and getting shots of them.





Click. Yip! SHUDDUP.




So I got all those, but again, only the keepers you see, so Click-Yip-Shut the Hell UP ALREADY times another twenventy.

It takes a very special person to be owned by a Jack Russell Terrier.

We got home and I had to get a shot in my neighbor’s yard, so she got to go with me for this one.




(Except for her snuffling all over the place, smelling everything she possibly could, as fast as she possibly could.)


Author: Dory

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4 thoughts on “Has spring sprung? I vote YES.”

  1. Yes, if only the readers could hear what goes on in the background of our writing and picture taking… mine is children yelling, crying, etc… and barking from my dog too…

    Thank you for posting the Spring pictures of things blooming, as I am still waiting for things to pop up here… soon I hope.

    I love Winter, but am SO ready for Spring!!!
    .-= Delanie´s last blog ..What I Tell Myself =-.

  2. Hey woman!!! I am seriously freaking out for several reasons. First, and most importantly – we talked ALL evening long the other night at dinner and I didn’t know you had a JRT! OMG – I had to put my sweet, crazy-ass Sydney down last May because she had cancer. She would have been 15 in Dec. I miss her every single day. ok – can’t WAIT to talk about them and meet your girl! I have a Santa hat and green cape around here somewhere that’d fit her, I’m sure…..ok – secondly, I was thinking about how much I loved your pretty, glossy, curly hair the very moment we met, so I’d be very sad if you cut it all off!!! And I can’t remember the third thing now….oh, look! A chicken! I’ll Facebook you tonight….maybe by then I’ll remember. Prolly not but oh well. Lovely meeting you. Seriously. An honor. No I am not being sarcastic, although it appears that way in writing.

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