It was a weekend made of hawsum

What a fabulous weekend!

Thursday was full of hawsum. That morning at about 4:30am, Ree at Confessions of a Pioneer Woman replied to me on Twitter! And that was when she was getting ready to go on Good Morning America! That made me all kinds of smiley.

I got off work at 8am and managed to get about four hours sleep before I had to pick up the kids from school.

I napped another hour until Tom got home, then I had to get up and get ready for dinner with friends at Texas Roadhouse. Good conversation with a great couple, no kids, a glass of wine, and a medium rare steak; you’d think it doesn’t really get better than that!

But then we moved into the next part of our evening, which was to see Jeff Dunham at the US Cellular Center. What a fantastic show it was! I laughed so hard, my cheeks and my sides hurt. Tom only had to feed me back a few lines that I couldn’t hear.

Friday I worked first shift for the first time at the shelter, very different from second or third shift. After work, went to get a marg with a bunch of girls– fun!

Saturday and Sunday I did absolutely nothing, didn’t even leave the house. All I did was read, dink around on Twitter, and watch movies. I killed at least 47 innocent brain cells in the process. I really needed that, though.

Oh, and BTW, I gave Tom a spare key to the blog and he used it yesterday. For those of you just turning in to the Dory Show, Tom is AKA Hunky. That’s what you’ll see at the top of his posts. Such as the one right below this one.

How was your weekend?

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