Joyce Meyer 27th Annual Women’s Conference

Once upon a time last Thursday, three Godsisters went to St. Louis. And it was even better than last year!

Outside the Edward Jones Dome, they took their own picture right before they went in for the first session of the Joyce Meyer Women’s Conference.

They watched Glenda sign “The Star Spangled Banner.”

One of them laid down in the sidewalk to take weird pictures in front of a mirror sculpture. Another one stood there and wondered why the first one was so weird.

They walked around downtown St. Louis and took in the sights.

They had a complete stranger take their picture.

They trailed their fingers in the fountain.

They had lunch at TGIFridays outside on the sidewalk.

They got a blister so they kicked off their shoes and relaxed.

They stopped and smelled took pictures of the roses hibiscus

They laid on the concrete hot from the afternoon sun.

They waxed patriotic while they waited for the shuttle bus to the Dome.

They went for one more walk through downtown and craned their necks at the skyscrapers. (Some of those windows are painted on!)

They held up Glo Sticks with 10,000 other women. And learned some stuff. And laughed. And cried.

And… no, wait, that’s it. They got back in the car and drove home, and they lived happily ever after.

Except, one of those lucky maidens got to go to work at midnight. One of the other lucky maidens got to go to work at 8am to relieve the first lucky maiden. The last lucky maiden pointed and laughed at the first two lucky maidens. (Not really. She’s not that mean.)

Mah feed reader peepull: click over to see a pictobrowser of the the entire set of pics with notes on many of them.

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