Hell, yeah, I’d clean House.

<– I got this in the mail yesterday. It’s just been released so it’s on sale for a little while.

I was so stoked to see this come out since I missed all of Season 5 because of work. I have all the previous seasons on DVD, too. I’ve taken in Season 1 to watch at night with the guys at the shelter. At first, their reactions ranged from a little skeptical to kind of grumbly, but hey, my House, my rules. Too bad, so sad. Then after watching a couple episodes, they were all, Dory, did you bring House to watch tonight? And I was all, Hell, yeah, baby; you know who hooks you up phat. Then they were all, Dory, really, you can’t really pull off ghetto, ok? And I was all, Fine, no extra smoke break for YOU. Because the truth hurts, yo.

A total aside: we used to watch Breaking Bad every Sunday night at the shelter. Usually all 11 guys stacked up in the living room at 9pm CST and it would go almost totally quiet except for little comments about the episode, which was really odd in that environment since evenings get a little chaotic. Plus when the the story line would be a little off, the guys taught me stuff I didn’t know, like “Hey, they forgot an ingredient in the Meth” and “Oh, please, a tweaker would never do that.” Which is, I’m pretty sure, not what was intended in the vision for the shelter, but hey, it’s always good to learn new things, right? Right?

I love this show so much. The plot lines are almost always somewhat believable, and the dialogue is snarky and clever. The writers throw in some shocking twists once in a while, like jaw-dropping Where’s The Fries?! type events, like House getting shot and them killing off Amber.

Plus Hugh Laurie does a completely believable American accent. Did you know he did a cameo in Friends? The one where Rachel goes to Ross’s wedding in England to tell him she loves him?

I just realized I may have given you another point in your argument that Dory watches a little too much TV on DVD.


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