Baby… it’s 3am and I must be lonely…

Previously on the Dory show…

Dory went on a weekend bike ride and returned with a sore back. Then she got a tummy bug and pooped too much for the longest 24 hours of her life. Next, her web hosting service did a really fantastic magic trick and made a year’s worth of emails disappear, necessitating a restore that made her lose a couple blog posts and two weeks worth of emails to gain back a year’s worth. Then her TMJ started acting up, making her left side of her jaw hurt so bad she got out some Lortabs from the back of the medicine cabinet leftover from a previous owie. All this while working 3rd shift on weekends and 2nd shift on weekdays and trying to keep up with Mount Laundry and two boys with ADD/ADHD home on summer vacation.


I’ve been working on my photo cards almost every night at work, and have lots done. I need to get pictures taken of them and posted on Etsy. They’re not going to sell themselves from inside my craft box, now, are they?!

I have managed to get some quality camera time in. Maybe I can make up for my lack of writing by showing you some pictures. Picture = Thousand Words, right?! But it’s almost 3am so I’ll have them up much sooner than my last update, promise!

Is it me, or does the moon not hang as high as it used to?

Author: Dory

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6 thoughts on “Baby… it’s 3am and I must be lonely…”

  1. I hope you are feeling better. My youngest, like me, has ADHD, and I can’t wait for school to start. I love her dearly but she is driving me crazy! Or maybe we’re driving each other crazy, you never know.

  2. Is this shift stuff permanent? Or is there a chance you can get on days after a while?

    Regardless, school starts soon, Etsy shopping will pick up the closer we get to the holidays and there are more Lortabs out there in the world to get you through the painful spots. 😉

    1. @CityGirl, the day guy is not quitting anytime soon. Given the choice between 2nd and 3rd shift, I’d take 3rd. 2nd shift shoots my whole day all to hell. This mixed shift bullshit could last quite a while.


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