Coming soon to a sarcastic inappropriate greeting card line near you!

Just in case you hadn’t noticed, I am a talented and very serious artist.

I call this… Mixed Message.

(Only click through if there are no bosses, kiddies, kitties, members of the clergy, Dakota Fanning, or baskets of fluffy chicks and goslings present.)

love, hate

My parents are SO proud.

I wrote “I (heart) you” on Tom’s hand while we were registering him at the hospital to get an x-ray of his foot. Then later we were at the movie store taking advantage of 99cent Monday Movies, and we were standing in line waiting to check out. Out of the blue, Tom said, “Did you notice which finger you wrote this on?” and then showed me. I started laughing and pulled out the iPhone to post the picture on Facebook right away (I still tongue kiss my iPhone every night) and just then the cashier said “Next” and sees what we’re doing, and busts out laughing. He just loses it. He was still giggling a few minutes later and said, “Sometimes, I love my job.”

Mission accomplished.

Sometimes, I love my life.

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