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Isn’t a shame the way real life and work and friends and family get in the way of blogging? *winks*

Next week no one is ill or having surgery or going on vacation or running away to Mexico, so I should get off on Monday morning at 7am and not be back on until Saturday night at 8pm. Hopefully I’ll have more time for writing this coming week. I’ve never hit “Mark all as read” in my Google Reader before, but I may have to resort to that just to catch up.

See what I madeded all by myself?!

flower card

I bought some blank greeting cards and note cards, and printed off a whole bunch of prints and tried all different services; WM, Tar-zhay, Shutterfly, CVS and compared them all. Quality, DUH, is first; but then convenience is a real close second. BrownEyedGirl asked me last week to make her some greeting cards, so that gave me a little kick in the butt to actually put all these pieces together. I also sold the pair of farm theme prints, the barn and the cows, so I was really excited about that.

That’s about all my news for now.

Rip it, roll it, and punch it, dude. Peace.

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6 thoughts on “More Blog Stew”

    1. @CountryGirl,

      Shutterfly. But their convenience factor sucks. They have to mail them and they take a while. Much longer than my ADD can handle. So CVS does almost as nice a job and they use Kodak paper and BONUS PLAN they’re only one block away. But they only do glossy prints in one hour so if I want matte prints fast, THEN I have to go to WalMart which I try to avoid like The Plague.

    1. @CityGirl,

      When I get a few more of these done, I’m gonna put them up here and get mah peepull’s feedback on how much I should charge on Etsy! I’ll have to check the local shop scene here, that’s a fabulous idea!

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