Blog Stew #283

Ahhh, so what can I tell you? Besides the fact that I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth???

I’ve been here and there on Facebook and Twitter, keeping up with y’all on my reader, and of course, working lots.

This job… wow. Mah Writing Mojo is in the corner, gagged, and rocking in the fetal position. This job is like, blog fodder heaven, but it’s like you found out you won the state lottery except they tell you later that they’re paying you in bananas. It’s really such a cryin’ shame that I have some sort of ethics that prevent me from tellin’ tales about some of the crazy shit that goes down here. It sucks, I tell ya. Schizophrenics off their meds, drunks, police, crack addicts, anger management issues, psychiatric wings, meltdowns… never a dull moment around here. But I love it. I love this work, and I love the people I’m serving. The only part that is really difficult is when I get off Monday at 7am and be back at 5pm. I should only have to do that for a couple more weeks while I’m covering some 2nd shifts. 

I’m still working on finding some kind of balance to work and home and play. It just seems like I get off work and I’m so damned exhausted, and it takes me so long to recover, then before I know it, it’s time to get right back there again. Mt. Laundry is untouched, and mocks me mercilessly.

I’m still waiting for the powers that be to get me into the U of I hospital to have the audiology department take a look at me. I’m still almost completely deaf in the left ear and have no idea why. I have quite a bit of pain almost every day now. The left hearing aid is basically useless because it isn’t strong enough to help any more. It’s hard sometimes to keep positive when I just want to stomp and yell “IT’S NOT FAIR! IT WASN’T SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN THIS QUICKLY!” but, hey, what’re ya gonna do, right?

I’ve managed to get out and take quite a few pictures lately, but haven’t had the time to to upload and share them with you. I’ll try to do it a bit at a time so I don’t do my impression of a kid showing off for company. I’m going to try to get back on Wordless Wednesday and Weekly Winners soon.

I bought a showcase spot on Etsy for tomorrow… I put a couple more listings up. Go on over there and get a username and heart me!



Oh, after years of being as regular as a Timex, I’m a couple weeks late. So I’m either pre-menopausal or pregnant, neither of which are particularly palatable choices. Now that I’ve said something, it’ll come tomorrow, and I can quit obsessing about it.

Rip it, roll it, and punch it, dude. Peace.

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4 thoughts on “Blog Stew #283”

  1. After 26 years of unprotected sex and a LOT of infertility treatment…which blessed me with The Big Kid and The Nice Kid, I quit having periods. I was 44 years old…didn’t start HAVING regular ones until I was 40. No big deal. Only my body wasn’t right and since excessive infertility treatments make you…oh, TWO THOUSAND TIMES more likely to have ovarian cancer (and the only way, according to my doctor, you know you have ovarian cancer is that they find it and you’re going to die in two days) I KNEW I had ovarian cancer. A four-year-old and cancer. IT AIN’T FAIR. By the time I got up the nerve to go to the doctor? I was four months pregnant. No cancer, no lie. I stood there and said, “But you don’t understand…”, while they stood there and said, “No, YOU don’t understand…”.

  2. Dory, those pictures are beautiful! Writing can be such a pain in the neck when life gets wild – I always wish I could sing or draw or something (take nice pictures) instead and be done with it…. without having to rely so much on my whole brain, which is always a dodgy proposition. Happy Sunday!

    Margo Ms last blog post..What I’m NOT Buying this Weekend #7

  3. Glad you’re still on Earth. 🙂

    There IS a third option, you know: You’ve completely screwed up your clock with all this third shift, second shift, time off, back on thirds, etc. work.

    Your body probably thinks it’s still May. Seriously. Traveling between time zones does it, so why not shift-hopping?

    CityGirls last blog post..More About the Menagerie

  4. Those are gorgeous pictures… what about offering them in say a set of four notecards with envelopes? Maybe i should negotiate with you over at etsy 🙂

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