1. I haven’t been actually blogging GiST posts as much as I want to. Life happens. But let me just give you one observation that I’ve made. I’ve noticed that every day I look for Grace in Small Things. The motivation started just because I wanted something interesting in my GiST lists instead of same ol’ same ol’ stuff. But then I noticed that I am actively looking for small blessings as I go through my day. Life gets better when you’re cruising through and seeking for something to be grateful.
  2. This new job. It’s lots of hours and it’s overnights– boo. But I can get my online stuff done– answering email, dropping Entrecards, writing posts, reading blogs and commenting, while it’s quiet here and I don’t feel guilty about it like I did when I was doing it at home. YAY! Also, as corny as it sounds, it’s more than just a job. I feel like I’m making a difference in someone’s life at the time they need it most.
  3. I got my first check from the shelter and I feel useful again.
  4. After a couple days of fitful, restless daytime sleep, Hunky got me a sleep mask. What an amazing difference it makes! Last week after I came through 8 straight overnights, most of them 12 hour shifts, I exhausted myself enough to hibernate. I slept for 12 hours straight! When I woke up, I felt like what I imagine a mama bear coming out of a cave for the first time in the spring would feel like.
  5. My iPhone died, Hunky took it to the at&t store, and it was the last day we would have been able to trade it in for a new one on the spot. If we had come in the next day, we would have had to mess with sending it back to Apple and Apple sending us a new one, leaving me without a phone for a few days. YAY!
4 Responses to “Grace in Small Things 11×365”
  1. CityGirl says:

    #5 – Excellent timing! Don’t you love it when things work out for a change?

    Remember this the next time something bad happens one day after the warranty expires!

  2. betchai says:

    glad for you that you were just right in time. wow, it is great you can get your online stuff done despite the long work hours, thanks for sharing your GiST.

  3. Musing says:

    Glad that masked worked. Twelve hours of sleep sounds heavenly!

    Musings last blog post..In honor of the day

  4. Overnight shifts at the shelter? I’ve don’t that! You need to take good, good, good sweet care of yourself, sweet!

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