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  1. Perhaps you may have noticed my absence last week. The temp agency called with some work for me (YAY!) and then the snow rolled in and school was canceled (BOO!) so the company allowed me to work from home (BIG YAY!) for three days, which to say I enjoyed that would be a huge understatement. I was also doing work for the radio station, so it was really nice to feel useful again. The temp project was only for a few days, and so I took my time sheet to the office today to get it signed and faxed so I can get paid. I chatted with the project manager, and she said they really enjoyed working with me and were hoping that particular client used them again soon so they could use me again soon!
  2. Something that’s come along with this work is a little boost in my confidence. I really feel that the gig with the radio station is the start of something big, and I feel a cautious hope quietly peeking around the corner. I’m almost afraid to hope.
  3. Tonight Hunky turned on PBS and there was a show on about polar bears. Listening to him anthropomorphise the animals, and the resulting belly-laughing from the boys, was a joy.
  4. I set an old fashion dial kitchen timer on my computer desk for one hour, and when it went off, I closed Google Reader even though it still had (139!) unread. Then I worked on a banner for the station. Too many times I’ve found myself in my jammies after noon with nothing accomplished; or been so tired of sitting in front of the computer reading, I didn’t have the energy to write! I have lots more work with the radio station to complete, I owe Lotus a couple articles, I want to stay on top of the laundry, and twelven bitwoityzillion other things to accomplish, and this was one thing I could do to take control of the situation. P.S. My Linky Love page is auto-updated when my Google Reader is updated, so if you’re on the page, you’re in my reader. If you’re not there, you’re probably bookmarked or just not assigned a folder yet.
  5. Usually January is a bad, bad month for The Crazy. February is usually the worst. PMS week in February is most scary. But I’m doing ok. I blame you for this unsuckage. Thank you, mah people. Suck it, The Crazy. Kiss my ass.

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