I just want to cut it off in his sleep. Cut. It. Off.

Elmer has had an unnatural attraction to Hunky’s goatee since he was a kitten. Now that Hunky’s been growing it out, so has Elmer’s attraction to it been growing. He loves to sit on Hunky’s lap and bury his face in it. Yesterday he took it up a notch and added patting Hunky’s nose to further demonstrate his undying devotion. It’s really shameless the way he flirts. Such public display of affection is likely to get his Cat Card taken away.

Author: Dory

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5 thoughts on “I just want to cut it off in his sleep. Cut. It. Off.”

  1. * Elmer Voice* Duuuuuh, i love your beard, i really i really doooo! And i love the walls and i love the chair, and duuuude, i love the candle flames!! Give a lil tingle duuuuudde!

    Gotta love Elmer, he cracks me up! Cute pic

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