Dory: [leafing through the Crossing Book Club Catalog] How can I become the woman of your dreams?
Hunky: Breathe in and out. You’re doing great.
Dory: No, really, what else can I do to be a better wife?
Hunky: Just keep up that breathing thing. That’s all.
Dory: [keeps leafing through the catalog]
Hunky: And take it in the ass.
Dory: [eyes get big and blink-blinkblink]
Hunky: [laughs until his face is red and slaps his knees] I love doing that to you.
Dory: Yeah, but that’s not bloggable.
Hunky: Oh, sure it is!

And so it is.

I’m so proud.

5 Responses to “In which Hunky sweeps me off my feet once again.”
  1. Kizzle says:

    *fakes shocked look* Ya knooow…. i should be shocked by this, but knowing the two of you like i do, that doesn’t surprise me one bit! Not even a lil. That in its self should mean i am a lil twisted as well. You two crack me up, luvs ya!

  2. Jocelyn says:

    I. Adore. Your. Hunky. Hubby.


  3. Nanner says:

    I wish I could be shocked by that- but its just not possible.. Yes i did BLINK BLINK BLINK, but then sat here and giggled at thinking what UR face looked like!!!!

  4. fatboyfat says:

    Beer out of nose. Must give warning next time.

  5. Fog City Mommy says:

    wow. so sweet.

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