I had to video myself today doing an assignment for ASL. I wanted to put up my story in ASL about my trip to Chicago, but it was 12:55 and YouTube won’t let you put up anything longer than 10 minutes. Rat bastards. Maybe if I edited out all the ‘ummm’s and pauses, it would cut out 2:55. 😉 But I doubt it.

Anywhooo, while I was at it, I videoed Elli telling me a story…

What am I gonna teach this hairy little bundle of personality next? I think she needs to master a repetitive factory job and start earnin’ her keep. Or maybe I need to take her and move to a planet where fetching a tennis ball for hours on end earns $50,000 a year plus benefits. I bet when we throw in barking shrill enough to bust glass they’ll add a company car and and expense account.

And now, ladies and gentleman, there is a behemoth two-chicken-eating Amazon woman with a palm on each side of my head and she is simultaneously grunting and squeezing as hard as she possibly can. I’m looking for a volunteer, I need someone who is small, strong, and lightning quick… would you please kick her in the shin really hard and then run like a flaming bat out of hell? Kthxbai.

Rip it. And stuff like that there.

One Response to “Oh, again with the cute damn dog.”
  1. Jessica says:

    Ruby heard your lil yapper and came running into the room with her hair standing on edge!

    It’s like you’re barely holding back a tornado of energy there!

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