OMG… WTF?! and other stupid internet-isms…

I am having what I think is a major identity crisis. Every day I am this close >–< to tears. And for stupid shit. I don't have a real high level of confidence in myself right now. And it doesn't help that I have no $$$ of my own. I'm completely dependant on Tom for funds. I searched all my job sites today and emailed two more resumes. I haven't heard if I'm going to be given an interview for that City of Waterloo position. I've bugged that Alpha International company a couple times. I'm so damned frustrated. I knew that this would take some time. I think. I guess I thought that it would take time for everyone else and somehow I'd just snap something up and be on my way. Subconsciously. If you had asked me right after graduation, "Dory, now you realize that this job search is going to take a while and you're not going to be able to just snap something up and be on your way, right?" I'd've said "Don't be silly. Of course I understand that." Meantime my subconscious would be sitting there with a beer and a cigarette hiding behind my medula oblangata laughing so hard it was crying. I get up... I get the kids dressed... they pretty much feed themselves... I take a shower... I turn on the 'puter and job search and IM and miss Tom. Rinse, lather, repeat. I hate being home. Current Music: Word Of God Speak-Kutless-Strong Tower Current Mood: frustrated

Author: Dory

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