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That was a year ago. 

I’m glad I cut off all my hairs. 

Feels so much more ME. 

I had my hairs short several years, then after my first MichFest, I decided to stop cutting it and grow it long again. 

I didn’t think that hard about it at the time. I just didn’t get it cut when it was time. Whether we like it or not, failure to make a decision is to make a decision. 

Reflecting, I think I was trying to find out how much of my identity and femininity was in how I presented myself in long hair. The answers are “a LOT” and “meh.”

It mattered a lot to me how others viewed my appearance. I can’t lie to ya; I wanted to cut it off when I took the picture. But I read lots of, “Your hair looks beautiful!” and “Never cut off your hair!” And I liked it. 

But I didn’t like having long hair. It’s a pain to care for (compared to practically a buzz cut) and 95% of the time I just had it pulled back in a ponytail. 

Anyway, I hemmed and hawed and procrastinated and didn’t do it when I really wanted to (which, again, failure to act is a decision in and of itself) because I really enjoyed hearing that others liked the way I looked in long hair. 

In this pic, I was getting ready to go to my third and the last MichFest. A few days before I left, I texted Cathy and said, “Please get out your clippers.” She texted back that she could squeeze me in before I left for Michigan. 

Compared to how much time I vacillated, it was quite quick. She finished and spun me around. And there I was. 

Me again. 

No regrets. 

(BTW, DAMN, I got some shit done that day.)

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Some days it’s hard to get up to my alarm. Some days I can’t haul my ass out of bed until 10am. Today I woke up at 5:45am and couldn’t go back to sleep! Is is because it’s DORY DAY???
Hens are out, fed, watered; laundry is going; meeting at Informatics at 9:30am; meeting with audie at 1:15pm; dinner with friends at 6pm; FINDING DORY at 7:25pm! We’ll be at the Carmike on Edgewood if you want to join us! I’ll be the one glaring down a little kid for the middle seat! 😉


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There’s good days, then there are days when you have to push your chicken’s insides back into her butthole. Twice. 

There aren’t enough disinfectant wipes in the world. I need one for my brain, but I’m not sure which hole to stick it in. I know which one I’m NOT, I’ll tell you that for sure. It wouldn’t be the fastest route to my brain anyway. Well, my friends would probably say so, anyway. 

buff orpington hen in a kennel

Oh, honey; you’re not the only one that’s traumatized.

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